Continuous deploys

+8000 updates per year

Micro-services multi-tenant SOA architecture

Truly on-demand, VTEX architecture was developed to provide high scalability and safety using a unique and stable coding capable of adapting to each customer’s business rules.

  • +70 micro services
  • Deploy and automated rollback process
  • Highly scalable, supports volumes up to 100x daily
  • Fully developed for cloud world
  • Fully Web API
VTEX Micro-services multi-tenant SOA architecture

Continuous Releases

+70 micro-services working simultaneously capable of more than 8,000 deploys every year with no down time.

Traditional SaaS Model

VTEX continuous deploy

VTEX continuous deploy
  • VTEX continuous deploy
  • Independent Microservices
  • Small daily update packages
  • Lower risk of rollback
  • Up to 100x more innovative than other models
  • Traditional SaaS Model
  • Large update packages every period
  • Need for type approval and QA of any solution
  • High risks and great possibility of failure
  • Architecture prevents innovation

Powerful and scalable infrastructure

Developed for high performance business, the infrastructure supports over 10x the average requests per minute of a regular day.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Content Distribution Network
  • Cache
  • NoSQL Database
  • Failover
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup

Black Friday vs Regular Day

Powered by VTEX's Auto Scaling Cloud

Black Friday vs Regular Day

Safety is our priority

VTEX certifications prove the safety and robustness of the True Cloud Commerce Platform.

    • Since 2013 a
      PCI Compliance DSS

    • SSAE 16 standards
      infrastructure audited

    • Sarbanes-Oxley

    • 2048 Bits Key and
      RSA encription

    • Low risk by QualysGuard tool